OneofaKind Spring Show + Sale 2011

Every year, my sister and I travel downtown to check out the Winter edition of the OneofaKind show. We love looking at the creations made from the talented Artisans who make their way to Toronto from all over Canada. We love supporting them too. Yet, we have always known about the Spring show and never been one before. This is our first.

Last OneofaKind Show, they took our picture for marketing purposes during the Winter 2010 show and in return we received complimentary tickets. I have to admit, this is one of the best One of a Kind Shows I’ve ever been to, but the smallest one I’ve been too as well.

There were so many new and old artisans at the  show. I would of spent a fortune if I could. Probably spent a $1000.00 each isle from A to Q. But there were a few things I had to keep in mind before purchasing:

  • Although there were a lot of gorgeous housewares at the show. I don’t own my own home so I didn’t bother to look into them.
  • Do I really need additional stuff?
  • I’m saving up for a new condo. Definitely cannot splurge.

But these are the artisans highlights that caught my eye:

Dinh Ba Design
Gorgeous pieces. Wrinkle free fabric, chic and cheerful designs. Extremely wearable for casual and work days.
Selma Karaca
Her work has such detailing, that each piece that is she makes is an artwork of it’s own. She had a dress on a dress form that had small strips of fabric sewn on horizontally in bright yellow it was the most beautiful spring dress I saw at the show. I was in awe.
Simplicite Jewellery
Although I don’t like to wear gold very much. I would love to wear Marlene & Barry Goodman’s jewellery. They make custom handwrought karat gold and fine inlay. Their beautiful nature themed rings in gold with fine inlay caught my eye.
Nathalie Champagne
As much as I love to bead, I have never seen glass beads like the ones in Nathalie Champagne’s jewellery. Their 2011 Spring/Summer collection is absolutely stunning! I love their Whimsical Mushroom Ring and Strawberry Pearl Necklace.
Oh Dina!
There was alot of Artisans who sold hair accessories. I love hair bands and hair accessories. Not necessarily a hair clip that puts my hair up, but like jewerllery for your hair. Oh Dina! makes fabulous hair accessories that not only incorporate feathers, but an assortment of other fabrics an material. Her 3 dimentional textured pieces are extremely stunning.
Hoi Bo
I love the fabric bags that they make, except I don’t believe in the heafty price to pay for them.

Steven Johannes
Beautiful leather goods. Their prices were extremely reasonable.
Oceana Wooden Connexion
I have never see watches made from wood. Their watches uses Citizen mechanics and wood as the strap. Extremely gorgeous! I saw a watch for $130.00, if they are at the Winter Show, I will definitely buy one.
lisalesa upcycled design
They take used unwanted shoes and other items and revamp them to new. Their shoes are fabulous!
Paul Aude
The most amazing hand made books I’ve ever seen. I sadly regret not buying one. He offered me $25.00 for each notebook but in at retail the book would of cost over $50.00. I don’t need an extra notebook, but if I did, I would of purchased one.
I love their t-shirt line. The prints are very modern, simple buy utterly unique. The fabric made from bamboo was extremely soft like you were wearing PJs but not!
Mara Minuzzo
I wasn’t into looking for art work or pieces for the home. But this Artist stood out because of her Lego men paintings. It was so realistic I almost thought it was a picture or a print, but it’s not. Her simple paintings are fresh and aspiring.
The Hot Lollies
During the show, I was very cautious of spending money, but once the cute sales guy gave me a sample of a kit kat cheesecake lollipop, I was sold. I spent $42.00 for 6 cheesecake lollipops! They are so dangerous! Buyer beware! You sample, you will love and definitely will buy! Best cheesecake I had in a long time.
Little Shop of Lobsters
They make the most amazing lobster and crab mousse. Extra creamy, extra lobster and crab tasty! If I didn’t spend so much money at Hot Lollies, I would of picked some of the lobster and crab mousse. I don’t eat lobster or crab, but I would scarf down all the lobster and crab that they had in less than 5 minutes.
Organics and Gold
LOLO is a major mustard fan. He loves spicy mustard. When I saw this new Artisan at the show, I knew I had to give this a try. I absolutely love their Garlic Mustard! I am willing to put this mustard on everything that ketchup can be applied to. They make very distinct and flavourful mustards that pack a punch.
I don’t think I need to say more. Their company name says it all. Absolutely amazing products! Hot as hell. Distinct as amazing. I purchase the hottest sauce that they had. Even LOLO was impressed and loved it. I love it, but in small quantities or I’ll die from it.
The Garlic Box
I regret not purchasing anything from this store because I love garlic and I have been dreaming of their garlic cloves and dressings in my salads. It’s amazing stuff and sure that even a vampire will try to eat this before they die.

Although there is a “sale” word in it’s title, don’t expect to be shopping at a warehouse sale. So what did I spend all my money on? Clothing? No. Accessories? No. Toys? No that either. It’s actually food. I don’t always spend that much money on food but I couldn’t resist. The lollipop cheese cakes I tasted. The super spicy hot sauce that cause my sister to immediately run to the lemonade stand. And of course the superb garlic mustard that I’m sure LOLO is going to love. All the food shown at the show was execeptional. What can I say? I am a big foodie just like LOLO.

And yet.. I don’t have pictures of those either because I either given them away pretty quickly or ate it all. Hmm… I think all the cheesecake has been eaten by now…

Food items purchased:

Best Cheesecake on a stick! No mess! No Fuss. By The Hot Lollies

They are 100% true to their name. From the Pepper Master

Their mustard should replace all the regular mustards out there. From Organics & Gold