Little Miss Chinese Bride

Little Miss Chinese Bride quietly waiting for her groom to pick her up. So sad. He would never come. Her bride maids would never call out to him. Her family would not assist her and her pretty little made up face will be drenced in watered down mascara. Sadly so,  she’s an orphan. Her Groom is an orphan. She has no friends. He has no friends. There are no bride maids. There are no grooms men. She is the only one.

Actually, I haven’t decided how to make the Groom yet and I’m not 100% sure if I want to keep her like the way she is. Her neck is too scrawny. Therefore, her groom is not 100% done and Little Miss Chinese Bride is not 100% finalized. If you notice, I haven’t secured her head to her body yet. I’m still debating.  She sure is cute on film though. I must admit, it took along time to make her I would say a good 4 to 5 hours. I started yesterday making my Litle Miss Chinese Bride. I will be giving her away to a soon to be married couple (in September) the next time I see LOLO’s cousins. I hope she enjoys it.

Anyways, I’ve been dying to try out a macaroon recipe. I was looking at a Lemon Macaroon recipe. Yummy…I remember my first macaroon as if it was 5 minutes ago, at David’s Tea Shop down on Queen Street. So delicious! They were a $1 for each. Tres expensive, but well worth the dollar I spent. The only thing is that I’ve been to lazy to prep the egg whites before hand. Lazy me. Lazy me.